by Kortriba

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Lights blinked, dim and soft. Warnings muted by their own continuous presence.
The ship no longer gave it’s eerie and comforting hum, all systems had eroded against the weight of time. Nill communication had came through during his pseudo-hibernation and this was quite possibly the end of a long and thoroughly bizarre life, his own.


released March 20, 2015

Dustin Poland- Guitar, vocals, bass
Will Hatchett - Drums, vocals

Track 2 features quest programming by Maxwell Thomas and vocals by HannahLynn Cruey (Elipser)

Recorded by Matthew Kotarba and Ryan Slagle at El Rancho Morbido



all rights reserved


Kortriba Asheville, North Carolina

Angry from the Mountains.

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Track Name: Trident I: On the Precipice
Demand entrance
To a heaven that tore so swift
Pulmonary in it’s width

A Bronze Mandated cree.
A scourge to name all that is seen.

Disorder! Disorder!
Fragrant and dripping trance
Disorder! Disorder!
The sinking ship of sentience, the pharaohs spoke of impotence
Light in red, coma breed

White Mosque yielding,
Marble engrained, a pulse in it’s strain
Gem encrusted,
Dismantle the stone, bury grain with the bones
Dry land calling
The Old Kingdom flaunts, an oceanaut walks!
Pearl draped huntress.

And is this crumbling earth the axis on which conscious is held?
Are these jungles the homes from which like trilobites we breed?
I hope, I pray, we are insignificant.

I hope their’s another chance.
Not for you or me or these idles hands.

The Virgin Scythe
Dares to Conquer
Arouse Vertebrae
Dormant royalty

Arise from the oceans, skin plating bone
Gazing Starward
Yet it’s still a
Mammal with a self ascribed name.
A Vermin obsessed with it’s own self portrait

I hope our vices find
Us black and dead like thee oil we prize
I hope our vices find

We dream gold

A feast of saint at the Astral Trough
Gnash the wires for a semblance of code
We’ve lost control.

On the Precipice

And in skinning my flesh
You’ve equipped me with fangs
This Mausoleum Sensuality
So I remain in your bale
A Scented haze of jubilation
Cold dead plaster on your kitchen wall.
No one can hear me sing.
My vowels sag like a crucification.
When they are thirsty, they will drink.
Track Name: Trident II: Pangaea Prelude

Whipping boy licks the war goddess hide
An obelisk, intrinsic weight lied

(She sheds)
Her floral pelt
Our Withered felts

Whipping boy licks the war goddess hide
An obelisk, intrinsic weight lied.
Cowards dance
Pale like the herbs we burnt at the altar.
Tusks bent back to the birthing waters.
indifferent graves.
Bloated and discordant (The wane of the moon)
The oaks bend softly (As she slits her own womb )
Cast out our daughters, (lead the sons to their doom)

(Wait!) (Wait)
Prayers Unlifted, yielding to the cross
Self obsession in a silver screen dawn
Oil and sand traded for blood.
Do not crawl before her, she will heed no appeal.

When they are thirsty
They will drink
The fountain of Salmacis
Run dry, Naiad divide x2

Light year
Redacted faith

With Manicured Hands
Track Name: Trident III: Oh, The Holy Void!
I am snakes unliving,
(Blonde beneath a brakish shore.)
I yield to no tyrant’s breath.
(Astral dementing dare)
Burnt now, disposition
(Salted earth and unheard prayers)
I’ve made callous movements
(To subjugate your God and your prayers)

We move in tangent to our (lusts)
Möbius in concept we (spawn)
Waves of flesh crust over (marble)
Feasting on scorched earth

Merge stone and sky
Papyrus to Code
Tear heaven from earth

Bathing in sentience
This HolyVoid
Indefinite, endless, cascaded dream

They’ll salt the fauna until the blossom loses it’s mane
Bend it’s roots into curses, undo the love once ingrained,
Dripping wet with serenity, starless in it’s shame.
By book and by candle and by death, I’ll impart this knowledge in vain.

(Yet I,)
Can’t remember

I hope their’s another chance, not for you or me or these idle hands.

A tomb of glistening beeps.
(The sinking ship of sentience, pharaohs spoke in impotence)
Intimate winds bleed softly pink.
(Whipping boy licks the war goddess hide)
I drank the bone chalice dry.
(When they were thirsty, they did drink)
Is this all that there is? No ego, no mind.
The silence screaming back since the dawn of time.

Can’t remember.